Linqing bearing large clusters of small businesses achieve industrial chain development

May 18, the author of Private Economic Development Bureau of Liaocheng, Liaocheng this year in accordance with the "small business, big clusters" concept, give full play to the industrial cluster effect, vigorously implement the characteristic industry promotion plan, to pull into a chain dotted industrial enterprises to achieve double the amount of quality to enhance the private economy. According to reports, the characteristics and growth of private industry is an important measure Liaocheng implementation of the "4455" project, to create new advantages for industrial development. This year, Liaocheng in accordance with national industrial policy, adhere to the "reasonable starting point, high standards, layout, moderate advance" principle, highlighting the regional advantages and industrial features, to leading enterprises as the basis, with characteristic industry town, based on the implementation of special industries upgrading Scheme to cultivate and develop a number of obvious characteristics, structural optimization, system integrity and strong market competitiveness of industrial clusters. Linqing smoke Zhen bearing industry cluster bearing production accounted for over 25% of the country. Chi-ping letter MDF industry clusters become the largest northern MDF production base. Zone Jiang Guanzhun steel industry, metallurgy plate Guan County, Linqing gold Haozhuang cotton processing and cotton and other industrial clusters have also formed a large scale in the country account for a large market share.

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