1、 Corporate Mission

To create high-quality products in the industry, promote industry progress, create wealth for society, create value for customers, provide opportunities for employees, and create benefits for the enterprise.

2、 Employee Mission

Oriental development, employee progress, "innovation, cooperation, sincerity, and dedication". Loyalty to the company, being honest with colleagues, and helping others to help themselves; Be good at discovering problems and have the courage to solve them; Love the factory, dedication, exploration, and progress. Manager's mission: never forget the responsibilities that one bears, establish a community with a shared future with the enterprise, strengthen the awareness of holistic and overall perspective, strengthen one's self-cultivation, further create a healthy and upward corporate ethics and cultural atmosphere, inherit and carry forward the essence of Eastern corporate culture, and achieve the extraordinary and leapfrog sustainable development of Eastern Company.

3、 Company Objectives

Building the Shen brand, leading the industry in the manufacturing of precision metal gaskets for crankshaft thrust plates, hydraulic side plates, and researching and developing new products in various fields, from Eastern parts to Eastern components. Based on unique manufacturing technology and service philosophy, and refined management, we meet the needs and expectations of customers.

4、 Strategic objectives

Think big, do practical things, specialize, excel, grow big, and go far.

5、 Business philosophy

Manage the enterprise through employees, seek development through technology, seek market through quality, and seek efficiency through management.

6、 Corporate spirit

Pursuing excellence, challenging oneself, paying attention to details, becoming an industry expert, and producing products that exceed customer expectations. Build high-performance teams with scientific management.