East bearing: Quality of life is the business enterprise

The sun is located in the town of Lin'an Oriental Bearing Co., Ltd., is China's Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, China Bearing Standards Technical Committee, the production of agricultural machinery, automotive, refrigeration, mining and other four major categories of more than 400 models of sliding bearings and gaskets, side sheet for China FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, China national heavy Duty Truck Group 48 OEMs supporting high-quality products, preferential prices, excellent service to the company won a 90% domestic market share and a high speed of growth supply the international market. The quality of an enterprise level, reflecting the dynamism of an enterprise, the enterprise is the quality of life. In 2002, when one hundred Ren Shen Lin Dongfang Bearing Co., Ltd. took the burden from his father, he put the idea into the enterprise, injection into the hearts of every employee of the Oriental Bearing Co., Ltd., from the building of enterprise culture along with it East bearing company grow step by step.


    Quality of enterprises rely on by building of enterprise culture to enhance, improve the quality of enterprises, and also establish a corporate image, Chen Bairen opinion the quality of enterprises, corporate culture and corporate image there is a close relationship between the three. He used to say, business corporate image is important intangible assets, is an important means for enterprises to participate in market competition.


    Formerly Lin'an Oriental Bearing Co., Ltd. is a push piece Factory Lin'an stop. When we walked into this with more than 20 years-old enterprise, the strong culture has given us a deep impression. Employees to participate in various recreational game photos plastered across the window, making the area famous celebrities posted in conspicuous prominent position, four large blackboard involved in all aspects of political, economic and cultural ......


    A few years ago, these things can not be seen in the East. Has many years of experience in marketing Ren Shen one hundred came, blackboard perennial, famous aphorism has become a vivid cartoon form. "Enterprise culture construction is not an overnight thing," Ren Shen one hundred posted pointing to the workshop famous aphorism tells us that these aphorisms is not for others to see, is to give workshop staff to see that he does not require that each employee can recite every word, but he wanted his employees to work during the East to remember the twelve.


    With business increasingly modern Oriental, international, corporate image more important harmonization and standardization work in order to strengthen enterprise standardization, enhance corporate image, Oriental Bearing Co., Ltd. specially prepared "East bearing corporate image management manual," the East corporate identity and application materials in color, size, material and other detailed requirements, strive to unique, accurate, clear unified visual image to convey to the public. So a small business focus on corporate image, and specifically the preparation of "corporate image management manual" to develop corporate propaganda model, such enterprises are one of the few in our Lin'an.


   Eastern time to leave the company, one hundred Ren Shen told us to further improve the company's business rules and regulations, but please come by to teach, learn ways to go, effectively improve the quality of employees, and establish a better corporate image company Orient.

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